Technology innovation

Dhurunda regards technological innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, and its annual r&d investment is not less than 3% of annual sales. In February 2004, He set up a postdoctoral sub-station.

01.Research and development system

Company now has established the central research institute, the institute of professional and testing center, subsidiary technology department and quality management department of tertiary development system, the construction of the enterprise as the main body, market oriented, science and technology innovation system of enterprise, to undertake a large number of national and provincial scientific research subject, has trained a large number of high-quality talent, become the company bigger and stronger technical force and strong support for the sustainable development of technological innovation.

02.Approved provincial r & D institutions

Guangdong Intelligent small home appliance Engineering Technology Research and Development Center
Guangdong Intelligent Home Appliances (Wistar) Engineering Technology Research and Development Center
Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center
DE Haurunda Branch of postdoctoral research Station, Zhuhai (National) High-tech Industry Development Zone
Anhui Dehaurunda Semiconductor Optoelectronic Technology Engineering Research Center Co. LTD
Dalian Dehao Semiconductor Optoelectronic Technology Engineering Research Center Co. LTD
Jiangsu Semiconductor Optoelectronic Technology Engineering Research Center

03.The r&d team

At present, the company research and development and technical personnel more than 1000 people, research and development team has gathered from the domestic and the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places of the world top intelligent home appliances and LED research and development, manufacturing, sales, management experts, intensive capital and intelligence investment, formed the open collaborative intelligent household appliances, LED industry value chain, become a handful of domestic intelligent home appliances, LED the core technology of enterprise.

04.Industry-university-research cooperation

Company since was established, and the universities and colleges, scientific research institutes to establish a long-term strategic partnership, such as semiconductor research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, dalian university of technology, south China university of technology, south China normal university, nanjing university, tsinghua university, hefei university of technology, China university of science and technology, etc., and share a large number of national, provincial science and technology plan, at the technical level, for the company provides cutting-edge technical support and guarantee of sustainable development, provides a solid technical resources for this project.

Quality testing center

Technology research and development success

DE Haurunda holds the patent More than 800, including a number of LED upstream epitaxy and chip core technology patents, A number of innovative products obtained national key new products, high-tech products and other technical certification.


Science and Technology Award